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The media speaks its own language. It has its own code. We know that language because we have decades of experience in the media world. We know what types of story pitches editors like, what types of story pitches put them to sleep, and what types of story pitches will get you on their black list.

Writing a press release – and even sending it out over the wires – is no longer enough to get the attention of editors. Sure, it may boost your site ranking, but if you actually want to see your name in print you need to couple public relations with media relations.

Tap into the power of the press through relationships.

It takes diligence, good timing – and relationships – to get the attention of editors. Whether you want to break in as a guest columnist with the self-storage industry trade publications, promote your storage operation as a candidate for facility of the year, or just keep editors abreast of your latest work, media relations helps you open the doors of opportunity.

Crisis communications: it’s just a matter of time.

There are two types of companies in the world – those that have had a crisis and those that will. The self-storage industry is no exception.

How you handle crisis communications can either make you look like a noble leader or a secretive corporate suit. The latter can turn even the most miniscule molehills into monumental mountains as onlookers jump to the worst conclusions.

Protecting your brand means empowering your managers to work with the media in the face of troubling circumstances. Get prepared with a crisis communications plan and media coaching so you can respond appropriately when bad news – from criminal acts to natural disasters – breaks out at your facility.

For a free, 30-minute consultation on where your media relations are occurring, click here or call 954-454-0072.


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