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Branding/Corporate Identity


A brand is a promise, a pledge of quality, the essence of your product.

  • What are you promising?
  • Are you clearly communicating your Unique Value Proposition?
  • Do you know what differentiates you from your competition?
  • Do you really?

Branding: it’s is more than a buzzword in marketing circles.

It’s time to put your business plan in the hands of communications pros who can develop your company’s public personality – or give it a makeover. Branding begins with an understanding of who you are – and who your competitors are. Then it figures out where you want to go from there.

All aspects of your corporate identity, from logo and letterhead to phone book ads and direct mail to, well, every form of public communications, must be united under the brand strategy. Consistency is key because it is the repeated reinforcement of your brand that links your company with what it sells – and communicates your promise.

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